Passing the gavel
Don - K6EDO to Donna - N6CVK

Antenna at ECCO
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2009 - 2016 Golden Bear Net
Golden Bear
Amateur Radio Net
Pictured above are the folks who survived the ECCO auction, minus a few who had to leave early.
In the back row from left, Jim, K7JAJ; Joe, AF7ME; Derry, W6RXH; Lisa, w/KB6SLE; Glen, KB6SLE; Guy, KG6FRX; Gail w/KG6FRX; Don, KJ6NQQ; Scott, K6VOA; Suzanne w/ KC6WPB;  Rachel w/KB6TSQ; Jim, KC6WPB; Don, K6IOU; Donna, N6CVK; Harold, WHJW.
In the front row: Laura, w/K7JAJ; Ruby w/AF7ME; Pat, w/W6RXH; Dorothy, w/KE5RI; John, KE5RI; Dan, KI6VBC; Rong. w/K6VOA; Don, KB6TSQ; Diana, w/K6IOU. Not pictured but present: WE6U, K1CAJ, KC6VRY.