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The Golden Bear Amateur Radio Net

is a non-profit organization of amateur radio operators dedicated to public service and organized to better serve their communities, states, and nation to furnish communication facilities and to be prepared in times of emergency disaster.  It has faithfully followed these precepts and been an active participant in virtually every disaster in the western United States.

            The Net was organized in September, 1936, according to W6PRB, who along with W6DKW and W6CQK, was a charter member.  The Net was originally named "American Legion Net" and operated in the 160-meter band.  The announced purpose was to "stimulate interest among Legionnaires and promote the continuance of and education in the art of short-wave operations".  Net operations continued until suspended by the Federal Communications Commission at the onset of World War II.

            Once amateur communications resumed following the war, the Net returned to regular operations, moving to 3975 kc (kHz).  Member dedication and enthusiasm promoted rapid growth and participation, which continued through the middle of the 1950's.  Demonstrative of this success was a decision by the membership to incorporate under the laws of the State of California.  This was completed and approved on November 5, 1957.

            Reportedly, operations were directed by a Radio Commission appointed by the American Legion, until 1950, when arrangements were completed to make the Net self-governing.  It continued to be fiscally affiliated with the American Legion until the end of 1960.  Though a brief sponsorship developed with Post 10040 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Net objective of independence became a reality when, on February 26, 1961, the membership approved a formal change of name to the Golden Bear Net.  With total independence, the need for incorporation was eliminated and that action was allowed to lapse.

            The Net has continued to thrive And expand the periphery of its operation for more than fifty years without any formal dues or member assessments.  It has been totally self-supporting through voluntary donations of the general membership.  Additional funds are generated from drawings, auctions, and various social events held at both area level and for the entire organization.

Golden Bear

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